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Author: Subject: Totally unethical, and spiteful

posted on 5-31-2007 at 11:47 PM Edit Post Reply With Quote
Totally unethical, and spiteful

Ok. This is my first post, and I hope that I am not out of line in doing this.

For sometime now I have witnessed, or have been a party to unethical play with one particular player. I am not going to mention any names, However, each and ever one of you will know who this is.
I know I am not the best player and maybe I shouldn't say anything, for I have lost connection for no apparent reason in a game and I wasn't even aware.
This person...1. Will host a game and completely in the middle of it, inform us that he has to go pick up his wife. Says sorry and ends game. Now in my opinion if you know your wife is calling from an appointment to get picked up, why HOST? or play for that matter. 2. He has also been the sixth player into a game, and we had to rehost because when the game started he wasn't there, he logged out. 3. Left in the middle of games to join another. 4. Left hosting with four ppl waiting to play, to join a game that needed a player.
And last but not least. Tonight, not very long ago, I was playing a game with him, Meam, Officer, sbs2007, and mysa. the second and third round he bid zero. he was almost last to bid each time, and it wasn't even yet and ONCE was an underbid. He had a high trump, and a trump queen both zero bids. Call it a good play, but in our game we took it as spiteful. Then we had an even bid, and I put out a trump king, my only trick. He wizzed it. Then he bid four, we allowed him to get his four, due to it being an even bid... We didn't want extra. He left the game after he got the bid. Did not come back. Normally if he freezes, he will come back in, but he did not in this case.

Would someone please explain his game ethics to him? Does anyone agree with me?

AE (Gina)

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posted on 5-31-2007 at 11:56 PM Edit Post Reply With Quote
Well Said

Very well said. We wont mention the name of the Peplayer, but something has to be done. Don't join his hosts and boot him out if he joins your host. Many similar things have happened when I have played with this Peplayer, who will remain nameless.
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posted on 6-1-2007 at 05:51 PM Edit Post Reply With Quote
It is pretty blatant and frustrating for the others in the game. There are a few that I suspect leave a game when it is to their advantage, and very conveniently 'can't get back in to the game', while it seems that anyone else that gets ejected, for whatever reason, has no problem getting back in.

It is unethical and very un-sportsperson-like; what to do about it? Good question. In a forum such as Wizard, it seems somewhat petty to "ban" someone - maybe it's an education process - keep reiterating that that kind of behaviour is unfair to other players. A conundrum, to be sure.


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posted on 6-2-2007 at 05:44 PM Edit Post Reply With Quote
Well, I must admit that I cannot identify the culprit. This topic has come up before but no solution was found. There are 2 possibilities.
1. If a number of people complain about the same person and identify the person to me I would then notify the person that there have been a number of complaints without identifying the people complaining, I would suggest that the person modify his behavior or face possible expulsion.
2. If you know a person who ruins the fun of the game for you simply do not join his host under any conditions and if you are hosting you can provide a warning then Boot the player.

* merlin has requested that you send him suggestions for Rules of Etiquette via U2U

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