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Author: Subject: For "NEW" version...

posted on 10-14-2006 at 06:36 PM Edit Post Reply With Quote
For "NEW" version...

Just watching a game where someone 'had' to leave - said he wished I could take his spot. It got me to thinking, that might be a nice feature if someone has to leave or loses connection. Only problem might be (aside from programmng!) if there are more than one observer, host would have to 'pick' someone, which might cause consternation for the others, unless the first observer could be chosen automatically, if he/she desires.


Comment by wizard
At the top of my Wish List is some form of AI (artificial intelligence). The A.I. would automatically take over for a dropped player. The A.I. need not be advanced but simply able to bid and play as required to allow a game to continue smoothly.

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posted on 10-18-2006 at 12:11 AM Edit Post Reply With Quote
The only problem I see with that, is that someone ends up playing with 'robots' if everyone else leaves, similiar to other on-liine games e.g. hearts, spades, to name a couple. I think a queue methodolgy would be more desireable, i.e. first player in to "watch" is the first to have the option to join if someone leaves, gets booted etc. Some rule would be required to decide who gets points if the replacement wins/loses.

Wizard is rather unique in on-line games and I would not like to see it lose its originality.

On sober second thought (not that I was drunk when I suggested this!), the number of times someone leaves the game permanately are probably few and far between, and hopefully with the new version, the probability of someone getting inadvertently 'booted' would be less prevalent.

If nothing else, food for thought.


Doug J

reply by wizard: The A.I. would not have priority over real people. As on other sites a real person can take over from A.I.

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posted on 8-8-2007 at 03:19 AM Edit Post Reply With Quote
A.I. is the way to go

I totally like the A.I. idea myself.

Besides, who wants to step into last place anyways? And if the ejected player was winning, I am sure there would be a good scrap deciding who gets that spot.

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