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Author: Subject: SLOW PLAYERS

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posted on 7-9-2006 at 10:07 PM Edit Post Reply With Quote

The poll of July 2006 indicated that "sllooowww players" was a major gripe. The question is, what can/should be done about it?
Clearly if there is a sudden situation (emergency) then the player should indicate brb (be right back) or, sorry have to leave, but that is not the problem we are talking about. It is the slooowww player/bidder who is the problem.
If appropriate the player should of course apologize for being slow to bid or play by saying 'sorry' but again that is no solution.
Here is my suggestion and would invite you to offer others:
First the player must be made aware that he/she is slow and that others are annoyed. This can be done simply by a comment such as, "Why so slow snapdragon? problem?"
Then the host can offer a warning such as, "Sorry snapdragon but I'll have to drop you if you can't speed it up."
And if play continues to be slow the person should be booted by the host.
Keep in mind that sometimes it's the internet that is causing the delay not the person.
I suspect someone out there has a better idea.

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posted on 7-10-2006 at 06:30 PM Edit Post Reply With Quote
Slow Players

I agree with you on that one. Slow players should be dropped by hosts if they are consistently or frequently presenting a problem. I suggested a buzz function too audibly alert the players of their turn although this may not help uch either,,
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The Boss

posted on 7-14-2006 at 04:31 AM Edit Post Reply With Quote
Are you talking about me ???

Originally posted by wizard

I suspect someone out there has a better idea.

Here's what I had to say about this subject in an other topic:

1- When there's only 1 card left to be played by each player in each round, the cards should be played automatically.

2- After let's say 10 seconds without playing or bidding, a message should appear to remind us that we have to play/bid.

3- The cards should be dealt automatically. (Unless a Wizard is turned by the dealer, and he/she has to pick trump.)

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posted on 7-20-2006 at 02:14 AM Edit Post Reply With Quote
Slow Players

I believe it is a problem with the software. I find myself waiting to play, and waiting for the software to tell me it is my turn, but sometimes it does not. Also the software keeps telling me that it is my bid, when it is not, or after all the bidding has been done. It will also tell me that it is my turn when it is not, or after I have played. Fix the software, and you will increase play by 70% I assure you.
Also there is a site online Ken, that is called Programmers Mall, it allows one to submit a project with the expected cost, or without costs, and programmers can/may bid on the project and sometimes they will bid "FREE" just to gain the experience. You get to pick the programmer and the price, but I think your software really needs updating. I am sure most of members here would be proud to help pay for the upgrades if the costs were kept in reasonable bounds.

Address of the site is:

I hope this helps out a bit.


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posted on 8-1-2008 at 11:16 AM Edit Post Reply With Quote
Slow players

Good Morning :-)

I am enjoying this online Wizard game VERY MUCH ... I have been told to be slow also but I know it's my connection and nothing I can do about it :-( I am on dial up ... I have been told >> * it's your turn to play* often but on my screen It's another player's turn to play and I can't click the card or nothing.... I would hate to be kicked out of game when not my fault :-( ... So often internet connection or software as someone else mentionned..

I love this game and am addicted

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