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Author: Subject: game play suggestions

posted on 7-4-2008 at 05:08 PM Edit Post Reply With Quote
game play suggestions

Waiting for players can sometimes take a long time. During that time people get distracted.

It would be nice when the table finally fills if a sound was issued or if the Game window was brought up to the top window.

Also during play, the score window is always in the way. I think it would speed up play if this window could be moved and its new position saved.

another suggestion might be a sound instead of a message box when its your turn to play. maybe an option that can be set.

Last issue the "BID" button, too many time to count I hit the bid button before I select a bid. Usually its because the "your bid" message box pops up.

change the dropdown bid selection to some other control, simple text box, this would speed up play.

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