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Ratings from

True fun for everyone, May 15, 2007
By: lori "hockeypunk" Rating *****

Durability: Fun: Educational:
This game is ideal because it's simple to learn, quick to play, and very entertaining. Even my father, who really doesn't enjoy cards or board games at all, can easily be persuaded to join us for a round of Wizard. We've found that 4-5 people playing this game makes for the best setup because there are more chances for missed bids (and thus an added drama factor!) and the game doesn't last too long. You'll be surprised at how attached you can become to a card game--whether you miss your bid or trump everyone else, you're likely to become emotionally involved, and that makes this game an intense but fun way to spend an afternoon or evening. Five stars for sure on this product!

Great card game, January 2, 2009 By: kzipperer "kzipperer" (Duluth, GA USA): Rating *****

This review is from: The Original Wizard Card Game (Toy)
Every year for Christmas I try to find a good family game. This is 2008's great game. We love that any number from 3 to 6 can play. There is a lot of strategy and changing course in the middle of the game as you try to take the exact number of tricks bid before the play starts. Two quick tips: The score sheet is a little small as we found it easiest to put the hand score/total score into the little square. Also, write down the side of the score sheet either who is dealing (we use deals) or who leads for each hand. It is important to know who is leading the round. The first game we played (3 people) took about 1-1/4 hours. Each subsequent game was quicker, even though we had up to 6 people. I would say the game would be better with 12/13 years old and up, but a precocious 10 year old would be ok.
Follow up 3 January 2009 -- I forgot one tip. We gave pennies to each person based on what they bid. That way, each person could remember what they bid and everyone could see everyone else's bid.

Wizard Card Game (The Game of Ultimate Trump), February 7, 2007
By:Ryan B. Walton (Cincinnati, Ohio USA) -Rating: *****

If you like card games with trump and strategy that are extremely easy to learn, you'll love this game. It is similar to "Up the River, Down the River" and a little like Euchre and Pinnocle, except much easier with much more strategy. Also, you can actually win a given round by taking zero tricks, you can win by loosing all the hands. Highly Recommended for all ages.

Wizard card rating, January 28, 2007
By Robin, PT "robin" (New York)
Rating: *****

This is a fun game that is great to play with 2 to 6 people. It's not difficult but it is challenging enough to keep you interested. We had a gas when we played with friends.

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