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Author: Subject: WIZARD BOOK of FAME

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The WIZARD BOOK (HALL) OF FAME was established in 2006.
The prologue reads:
The Wizard Hall of Fame was established in 2006 to honor those who have been responsible for the success of the game and/or have achieved extraordinary success in playing the game of Wizard.
The inductees are:
1. Ken Fisher (wizard) Toronto, Ontario.
Created Wizard. First to attain Earth and Air Wizard status.
2. Keith Gill (Mr. Wizard) Brockton, MA
Second person to attain rank of Air Wizard. Long-time enthusiast and supporter.
3. Victor Lawson (victor1) Hershey, PA
Programmed Wizard for online play and provided ongoing support.
4. John Ciccarelli (fizzwiz1) Toronto, Ontario
Won the Top 10 title 10 times with streaks of 4 and 6 in a row.
5. George Wellsbury (merlin) Pickering, Ontario.
First to attain rank of Water Wizard, first to overtake Wizard to rank No, 1 worldwide. Inaugural president if the Pickering Wizard Club.
6. Ken McCoy (abacus) Cambridge, Ontario
Ranked No. 3 worldwide in 2007. Inaugural president of the Cambridge Wizard Club.
7. Stuart Kaplan. Stamford, CT
President of U.S. Games Systems: provided the quality for which Wizard is known and the omgoing support needed to make Wizard an international success.
8. Karla Pacheco (cargobeep) British Columbia, Canada
Karla is the most successful online player to date. She set records by winning the TOP 10 a total of 14 times to date and by winning 6 consecutive sessions. Currently ranked 3rd worldwide.
9. Doug Johnson (DougJ) Smith Falls, Ontario
Doug has contributed to Wizard by setting up Google Wizard, running online tournaments, making constructive suggestions and designing graphic interfaces. He currently ranks 63rd worldwide.
10. Marko Sapiano (mactonight) Pickering, Ontario
Marko has acted in the capacity of an Administrator and has run a number of online tournaments. He serves as 1 of the 2 hosts for the Pickering Wizard Club meetings. Currently ranked 10th overall and has attained the status of Water Wizard with over 300 Master Points.
11. Joan Fisher (Mary Poppins) Toronto, Ontario
Joans contribution to Wizard is beyond measure. Tolerance, generosoty, empathy, patience and understanding have been the hallmarks needed to fill the role of Wife-of-the-Wizard. Her efforts on behalf of Wizard from Day 1 are too numerous to list here. (Ranks No. 1 in my books...wizard)
12. AMIGO-SPIELE of Germany
The German licensee developed a unique fantasy deck and executed an outstanding marketing program to make Wizard a best-selling game in the German market.
13. Vince Iannuzzi (trapizoid) Grimsby, Ontario
Vince completed back-to-back wins at the 2007 and 2008 annual Tournaments at the Sheraton in Niagara Falls, Ontario. He set a standard that will be difficult to equal, let alone surpass. Vince triumphed over a field of 80 in 2007 and a field of 100 in his 2008 repeat. Vince currently ranks 6th worldwide.
14. Richard Medley (wert) British Columbia, Canada.
Wert has affectionately been called Wizards Town Crier for his prodigious announcements about upcoming tournaments, registration procedures, etc. He is ever-ready to assist players needing a helping hand. His devotion and commitment to the game is best exemplified by the record-setting 367 games that he played online during the month of October in 2007. Currently ranked 27th.
15. JOE ANDREWS: Joe, a renowned card game expert and creator of the GRAND PRIX card tournaments has tirelessly and unselfishly helped to promote WIZARD. His article in GAMES magazine helped to raise the public awareness of WIZARD, Joe has helped in presenting Wizard Tournaments and continues to do so through his GRAND PRIX network.
16. GEORGE YONEKAWA: George has worked tirelessly to promote WIZARD in Japan. His active participation in hosting Wizard Tournaments throughout Japan, his website promotion and his involvement in and encouragement of international tournaments have all been powerful forces moving WIZARD forward.
17 James Penn: James Penn has been a devout Wizard enthusiast and supporter for many years. He has taught many of his students how to play and has not only traveled many miles to attend tournaments but has also sponsored others to attend with him. James organized and hosted the 2012 Wizard Tournament in Albuquerque, New Mexico where he introduced novel scoring and elimination procedures. His advocacy has been a major factor in spreading the popularity of Wizard in the American South-West.
18 Jacqueline Wells (Fiery)
Jacqueline is a pivotal member of the WizFest Planning Committee and a huge supporter of both the Wizard game and the "Toronto East Wizard Club". "Fiery" was the 2010 WizFest Champion and has attained the status of "Earth Wizard" in the overall rankings.
19. Marina Navarrete (Aniram)
Marina's enthusiasm for Wizard is confectious. As of this year she has attended the last 3 of the Wizard World Tournaments in Europe. She is the official "Wizard World Ambassador." Marina continues to 'bring the good news' to other players and other countries.
20. Judith Medley (magicgirl)
magicgirl has been a longtime supporter of Wizard. She has been a regular participant in the online version and has attended live Wizard tournaments as well. Her many years of experience has made her one of the best players and has earned her a ranking of EARTH Wizard. Her contribution to Wizard's success cannot go unnoticed.
21. Mario Phenix (mphenix)
mphenix was ranked the #3 player under the ranking system used until 2020. He has represented Wizard at World Tournaments in Europe and has attended live tournaments held in Canada. He has helped to popularize the game and continues to be a strong contender in online play to this day.
22. Scott Fisher
It would not be an exaggeration to say that Scott was the co-creator of the game of Wizard. Likewise, Scott was the co-creator of the 2021 "Wizard Camelot" version. Scott suggested the extra cards in the original game be named Wizards and Jesters in order to fit in with the other "Court Cards". Similarly, he recommended the 2021 version be named "Wizard Camelot" and worked to develop the four new cards and each of their powers. Without Scott's input "Wizard" may not have been the success that it has become.
23. Carles Rodon (Carles963)
Carles joined Wizard in 2020 and blew all opposition aside with his unsurpassed play resulting in many first-place finishes. However, Carles does not just excel as a player but has become an important part of the administrative team by hosting frequent tournaments and updating data. The Wizard site would be greatly diminished without his presence.
24. Hoang Dieu Trinh (wihdt007)
Hoang joined Wizard in 2017 and has provided an ongoing critique of the program. Many of his suggestions and recommendations have resulted in refinements and improvements to the site. In April 2022 he introduced the 007Pink tournament format that rewards perfect bids rather than total points. The format presents an all-new type of play with different strategies. Needless to say, he is also one of the premier players.

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