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  • Can you please explain the BB code to me?
  • You can use BB Code, a simplified version of HTML, in your posts to create certain effects. [b]Text here[/b] (Bold Text) [i]Text here[/i] (Italicized Text) [u]Text here[/u] (Underlined Text) [url]http://www.adventurous.net[/url] (Link) [url=http://www.adventurous.net]Home Page of Host[/url] (Link) [email]support@wizard.rzgamingzone.com[/email] (E-Mail Link) [email=support@wizard.rzgamingzone.com]E-mail Me![/email] (E-Mail Link) [quote]Text here[/quote] (Quoted Text) [code]Text here[/code] (Text With Preserved Formatting) [img]http://wizard.rzgamingzone.com/images/Wizard1/index.2_small.jpg[/img] (Image) [img=50x100]http://wizard.rzgamingzone.com/images/Wizard1/index.2_small.jpg[/img] (Resized Image) [color=red]This color is red[/color] (Colored Text) [size=3]This font size is 3[/size] (Sized Text) [font=Tahoma]This font is Tahoma[/font] (Different Font Than Default) [align=center]This is centered[/align] (Aligned Text) [list] [*]List Item #1 [*]List Item #2 [*]List Item #2 [/list] (List)
  • Can I become a moderator?
  • Most of the time the answer is no, but ask your Admin.
  • Can you please explain the User Ranks to me?
  • Based on the number of posts you have, you are assigned to a rank. Each rank has its own status and its own amount of stars. Below are the user rank settings for this board:
    Newbie 1
    Junior Member 2
    Member 100
    Senior Member 500
    Posting Freak 1000

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