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  • How do I U2U a member?
  • First click on the U2U button in the menu, another smaller window will pop-up, from there you can access the 'Send a U2U' screen, by clicking on it at the top. Place the users name in the 'To' field, and then insert a subject and a message and click 'Send'.
  • How do I post a new message?
  • When inside of a forum, clicking on 'Post new Topic' or the image that represents that, will allow you to post. You need to fill in your information, a topic and a message, then click on the 'Post New Topic' button.
  • Can I reply to a message?
  • Yes, this is done the same as posting a new one, except that you must be in a Topic, and you need to click 'Post Reply' instead of 'Post new Topic'.
  • Is it possible to delete a message?
  • You can edit a post by clicking on the 'Edit Post' button underneath your message. You can only edit your own posts and sometimes this feature is disabled.
  • How do I edit one of my posts?
  • Yes, click the 'Edit' button on one of your own topics, and then select the '! Delete this message !' check box, and click 'Edit Post'. You can not delete a post if it is the start of a new topic.
  • Can I insert an attachment?
  • Yes you can insert an attachment with any of your posts. The file size of the attachment must be under 1 Megabyte for it to be accepted. You can attach a file on the New Post and Post Reply pages with the upload field.
  • What are smilies?
  • Smilies are the little faces to the right of the input for message, they display graphical faces instead of simply a :).
  • How do I create and vote in polls?
  • You can create a poll by visiting the forum you want to post the poll in and click on Start Poll. The screen following after you click the button is just like a normal new thread page but has an extra box for Poll Answers. You should enter one answer per line with a maximum of 10 answers all together You can vote on polls in threads by visiting the thread with the poll in it and selecting the option you want to vote for, then clicking the submit button. You can only vote on a poll once, so once you vote, you cant change your mind The Administrator could have disabled this option for each forum.

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